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We raised €440 at the Fun Day this year with out PaintBall arcade for Sharp Shooters. This is a record for us. This money will be going to the Glengarriff Community Hall Fund.


People of all ages took part, some coming back for more several times!! Lions Paul and Lion Francis supervising a Mother and Daughter in action. Shoot the Minions I say!


Saoirse McCarthy aged 11 was yet again the 'Top Gun' with several maximum scores of 6, so to push her further we gave her 10 shots, and yet again a maximum score! she is seen here with Lions Francis and Ramor.

In a Sudden Death Shoot Out between her and Cahill O'Shea she won after three shots each. A very close thing.


President Nora is seen here with both contestants.

We were lucky with the weather, enjoying a nice warm sunny afternoon.


Lion Ramor creating another masterpiece for an excited youngster.

Thanks in particular to Peter Marren for the guns, targets etc, John Dervan for booking our pitch again, and to those Lions who turned out for the fun.

Photos from Jerry Desmond.