Submitted by francis on Mon, 03/07/2017 - 10:29

This event on 4th July at 1830 was to enjoy both events.Handover2017Nora-Food.jpg

Nora's team did a wonderful job to prepare a huge spread which was enjoyed by a good many Lions and friends.

Handover2017Cake.JPGHandover2017EileenFrancisCutCake.JPG The splendid cake was cut by outgoing President Eileen O'Shea and incoming President Francis Greaves.

The Presidential handover was celebrated as was the start of District 133 which is the Island of Ireland, now separate from District 105 in the UK.

Handover2017FrancisHeavychain.JPGPoor Francis already feeling the weight of responsibility as the new PresidentHandover2017MembersChatting.JPG Lion Jerry Desmond who provided me with the photos giving good advice, in the company of Marion Rouse and Mary O'Regan Barsum to the Outgoing President.

We had a great time, helped by Simon's excellent musical accompaniment on the Guitar.