Submitted by francis on Tue, 09/05/2017 - 07:32
New LC Video
New classy video on Suicide Prevention ASIST Training, recorded in Ireland and produced by Lions Club International.
This video is a wonderful support for promoting the ASIST course
It is also refreshing to see this video on the Lions Clubs International
web site ( search for suicide prevention
The importance of Lions Clubs involvement with Suicide Prevention and Anti Bullying should not be under estimated.
We have distributed close to 450,000 cards with help line contact details, and 140,000 Lions Club Anti Bullying leaflets through schools.
90 clubs in our District have been involved with Suicide Prevention.
70 clubs in our District have engaged with Anti Bullying
This is a wonderful effort, and all clubs are to be congratulated.
In addition many clubs have been involved with the HS and HSE in organising two day ASIST training and Safe Talk.
Ladies and Gentlemen the Oscar goes to Lions Club members for supporting Lions Club projects Anti Bullying and Suicide Prevention. You are all great people.
The challenge goes on.
Both issues are still very serious community challenges. 
Please Please as key influencers, continue to work with both issues in your community
Suicide Awareness small cards (€50 per 500 South)(£30 NI)
Anti Bullying leaflets €70 per 1,000.
Pat Connolly.  Project Chairman.