Submitted by bbl_admin on Sun, 16/04/2017 - 09:41

Seven Lions and two spouses attended in Kildare. Francis Greaves and Jerry Desmond voted as delegates for the Bantry Bay Lions. Highlights mentioned:

  1. One for Ireland. Partner with local businesses for the day to ask them to request a €1 donation to go to Youth Mental Health. Running 28/4-1/5.

  2. Very good speakers on a variety of topics (Norweigan person spoke about education and safe places for children in the Middle East, Woman from a legal background spoke on NY-based UN replaced tribunal trials regarding crimes against humanity since 2002).

  3. Good entertainment

  4. Membership fee discussed. Last year of 105, 21 zones, no regions. New District 133, starts 4 July 2018. Constitution needs to be rewritten for new district. District to be established as a charity. Fee reduced to €65 or less.

  5. Measles Project. €30 million donated to this project by Lions to date.

  6. Future Conventions – 1 March 2018, Westport, Co. Mayo Convention. Bantry has offered to host 2019.