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Dr Francis Greaves, Secretary Bantry Bay Lions Club, hosted a talk on the Fastnet sailing disaster of 1979 on August 30 in the Schull Harbour Hotel.

Francis was a participant in that race and had first-hand knowledge of what it was like on that disastrous day. It was a well-attended talk with over 100 people from across the community in attendance. Admission was free but a donation bucket available at the end of the talk. The audience generously donated an amazing €585.37 which was added to the Lions Charity Funds.

At the end of the talk there were some interesting anecdotes from various people of their experiences that day. Special thanks go to Denis & Flor from the Schull Harbour Sailing Club for helping to organise the talk and also to the Schull Harbour Hotel for letting Francis use the room for free.

Report from John Dervan - PR Officer