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District Convention 2018 Report Westport Co. Mayo April 27th - 28th 2018

This was the 1st convention for District 133 and the 49th Convention in Ireland presided over by District Governor Teresa Dineen and hosted by Westport Lions

Westport is well worth a visit, a nice little town on a lovely stretch of coast. Very picturesque. The Hotel was excellent, and all went well for Myself, Ramor & Inki Craigie and Mary O’Regan Barsum and Anne O’Regan who attended from Bantry Bay Lions. (Photo Francis)


Here are the BBLions Ramor, Anne, Mary and Francis (Photo Mary)


Rather than sitting in rows we were seated around tables which was much more friendly, and enabled discussion more readily. (Photo Francis)

The Treasurer reported that of the 106 Clubs in the District, 91 were paid up, 15 had not paid, and only 79 had submitted accounts.

Projects included:
    • Diabetic Screening of around 13 thousand people.
    • Anti Bullying cards are available
    • RTE Nationwide did a program in December 2017 on Lions
    • An Post Project to celebrate the Centenary of Lions (Ramor, Jerry)
    • Guide Dogs for the Blind, Autusm and Assistance – we have paid our €1500 towards this. There has been €120,000 raised for Breeding in the republic and Training in the North
Susan from Ballincolig Lions came with a dog and gave a small presentation.

Business Section:
    • Nominees for DG Frank O’Donoghue, 1stVDG Bernard Black, 2ndVDG des Ryan
    • GDPR (Data Protection) Policy was adopted.
    • Greeting from District 105D
    • Convention 2019 to be organised by the Kinsale Club
    • International Speaker – Past International Director Cliff Hayward from New Zealand gave a very entertaining and enthusiastic talk. He pointed out something that NZ and Ireland have in common, which I dod not know, We have no snakes. His main message was to be be inclusive in our service and also Service gives us opportunity. If you are not happy about something then speak up about it.


BB Lions members seen here with PID Cliff Hayward at the Dinner (Photo Mary)

Discussion Groups:
This was the first time that this has been tried at Convention as far as I know.
The groups discused the following subjects and then presented the results
    • Global Awareness of Lions
    • Growing Lions in Ireland
    • Conventions of the Future
    • Awareness of Lions in Ireland
From these discussions and presentations I have collected some points to consider:
At Club Level:
    • Invitations to new Lions should be Personal
Consider a Wine & Cheese presentation for potential new Members
Advertising & PUBLICITY
Run a Pub Quiz
Book Sale
New members should get the first year Free
Create a Leo Club
      One Club has 50 members and 50 on the waiting list…..
    • Change the ‘Motto’ for ‘We Serve’ to ‘Ordinary people doing amazing things’
    • Educate Clubs in obtaining grants from LCIF to boost funds raised by a Club.
At District Level
    • Not enough ‘Turn Over’ in Cabinet. Perhaps there should be a 3 year cycle
    • Improve communication between district and Clubs

More Talks
Past Internation Director Phil Nathan from the UK chatted about his involvement in a Shoe Box Delivery Trip. Also to areas in Europe hit by disaster supplying Water and Tents etc. He also noted that Lions have helped 9 million have Cataract Surgery, 27.4 million help with river Blindness and 116 million with disaster relief.

2ndVDG Bernard Black presented a rather nice interactive session using a voting system on our mobile phones relating to different aspects of how we run our Clubs and what we do.The results could be seen in real time on screen. If we had had one device per Club then the results would have been more meaningful but as far as I could see we as a Club perform well above average. Well Done Bantry Bay Lions I say!

Incoming 2nd VDG Des Ryan exhorted the troops!

There were various Certificates awarded


District Governor Teresa Dineen with her Orchid (Photo Francis)

Message In A Bottle – Golf Tags
I was able to obtain some sample Golf Tages for this projext which Ernie & Marion are progressing.